What We Do
We provide education, training, and coaching to future generations for lasting impact.  This is most effective when it is Biblically based, with individual attention and local cooperation. We accomplish this by connecting donors and volunteers with field impact.
Why We Do It

We are compelled by God’s word to bring hope to those in need. We believe that impacting the life of one, impacts the lives of many with ripple effects through families, communities and nations for generations to come.

How We Do It
  • Manage and support a boarding school for at risk children to rescue them from their dire circumstances.  
    • Educate children academically, spiritually and personally to provide a strong foundation and prepare them for adulthood.
    • Provide a comfortable home with individual care in a family-like environment  
    • Provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment to allow them to thrive    
  • Manage and support programs for youth from the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
    • Coordinate and lead student ministries in 5 public schools  
    • Conduct monthly youth rallies  
    • Run children and youth camps multiple times throughout the year  
    • Organize and operate leadership development programs for youth  
    • Conduct one on one counseling with youth  
    • Multi-media - develop Bible studies, lessons and testimonials that are distributed throughout Southern Africa
    • Train adults who work with children and youth      
    • Mentor young adults
    • Attend to specific needs during local disasters or hardship      
    • Build, repair and maintain facilities that enable all the initiatives listed    
    • Coordinate trips from the US and UK to assist with everything listed above!
Why We Need You

Your time, effort or resources are essential to provide the personnel, materials and programs that create a new road of opportunity for those with no hope.    Please consider becoming a New Road Champion through GIVING or GOING on a New Road Adventure!